Thinking So Loud
2 min readNov 24, 2022


Time Come Again

Midnight again and I’m in my head with you.

Window looks wistfully.
The moon, dressed in pink and gold.

Lingering touches of the sun. Full of sex and mischief against the sky.

The world was singing to the morning star. The wrong song.

Song for Salvation.
Listen. The whole microcosmic menagerie. Surrendering.

Fussing about like birds in a park. Resolve found. Accepting crumbs. Never having known a king.

Crowns sit large heads with small imaginations. Nobility. An extinct species.

Noble man a hybrid born to, but not born of. Yet to be perfected.

Sovereign sheep without a wayseer. Wailing Ghosts. Sovereign Sheep Starving.

The world keeps singing. Strangling sounds in the wrong key. Sounds of Sadness.

This world of birds and singers. Sound is breaking.

Mourning star, song of damnation.

I see the Lady laughing and offering seeds of everything.

First and last, all abundance and love. Cause to birds at dawn, singing awake the sun.

Like a child at play. She’s done this all before.
No sense of fear, silent as day.

sigh here, shake there. Trembling with fever. Lava pouring like sweat.

Reorganizing. every layer, life watching. Deep water eyes. Repose, another epoch.

Slow and terrible, your perfect dive.
Slicing down through my heart, to pull it apart.

Made for your pleasure, fashioned by your whim.

Luminous face of love.
Lost in the breathless air. Visible Everywhere.

Truth, tricks and marading lies.

You laugh the eyes of the blind open.

Turning this way, spinning that way. Round and round.

Well-known soul, let us be joined. Once again, forever more.

Into Nothing, Complete. Void.