It’s My Fault They Say.

Thinking So Loud
16 min readMay 29, 2021

I sank Atlantis, or maybe it was Lemuria.

I wonder what kind of outfit one wears for the devious sinking of a continent?

The following tale of a few fantastic creative souls who found them selves in a discussion/debate/disagreement over the past, present and future.

I was compelled to comment in a group I joined on Facebook, I rarely comment. I definitely don’t take the opposing side and throw down the digital gauntlet, but this day I had.

Social silliness just gets better and better.

So I want to say first please don’t take me as being disrespectful of peoples beliefs. I believe, to each their own. A fair amount of my own beliefs, hunches and the things I just somehow “know” are well, weird, very weird and they are mine.

So absolutely people, believe what you believe, it is very interesting all the different stories we turn into our own story and hold it dear until it has somehow gathered credience.

It is a very beautiful complexity of creative beings. BUT, with that being said, I want to add that you really shouldn’t go around blaming people for prehistoric events of a catastrophic nature. It seems like an awfully big finger to point.

It’s too funny! So I admit, I laugh both with you, and at you.

Admittedly I also find I am in awe at how incredibly brave people can be.

Brave enough to embrace a narrative so fantastical embracing it so fully the mystery of the lost continents is at last solved.

Me and my big mouth or more precisely I should say my loud keystrokes.

I have been in uncomfortable situations before due to my beliefs or stance I’ve taken. Never did I think of myself as the kind to take on a mythical, mystical, and surely sizeable land mass !

One day I’ll learn.

Let us go back to what got it started.

Remember me saying that I do not want to seem in some way to impinge on anyone’s spiritual beliefs, practices or callings. I consider myself to be very spiritual and I am thrilled that I get to be witness to the big ‘awakening” or “shift” that is happening. How exciting it is to see people dropping the mundane lives that were lived, for most, in a state of comatose. Corporate cogs in a wheel that seldom turned their way, but, I digress, those thoughts will wait for another time.

So, like many others, I needed to find ways to socialize, to connect and to have some humanness during our time of quarantines, social distancing . I joined a ridiculous number of Facebook groups. I wasn’t actually an active contributor, for the majority of them, I was an excellent lurker. but the There are groups for everything and every stance on those things. I actually felt more social and was so thankful for the great debate and conversations to be found.

One afternoon I was clicking around some of the groups and I came across a post about an upcoming seminar to get “DNA activated”. The advertising was using the “love light and fear” technique. The marketing was basically “If you didn’t have your DNA activated you would not get to the next level, you would be left behind”. Well that hit a nerve. This was a fairly high dollar event. The tickets or “service” was going to cost a person about $600 for an afternoon activation event. My nerve struck, my teeth grinding I sat concerned about the people who are taking first steps towards their Soul.

The people who spent the last twenty years or more working towards retirement, stable in the system. Now they find themselves displaced as the systems fail, companies go under, and toilet paper could be the next currency.

People are in existential crisis. People in crisis will try any path, guru or activation. People that can be taken advantage of because. There is a desperation, a grabbing for some kind of assurance. I want to believe that we are truly in an awakening and that no one would dare be playing the Charleton and offering spiritual snake oil. History and human nature would definitely say keep watch.

It is really not very evolved, or Woke, to prey on fear of the unknown, death, afterlife, being left behind. I find that using God or the promise of some other-worldy mystical activation to make for yourself an earthly palace…, well not very evolved. I feel for those people that hand over their savings , their power, and their faith.

So on this day I wanted to speak out, or see how tall I look on a soap box, maybe I was riding wild on my high horse. This was the day I was compelled to say something. I always just shook my head and bit my tongue on other occasions.

Little did I know it would go like…







Nothing to buy, no seminars to attend, no need for a guide.


You ARE just as I AM



ALL you ARE .

But by all means, if it’s easier to create a story where you go and receive opening, evolvement, Ascension from an outside source, it’s yours to create. BUT…

Why would you want to trade your divinity, your perfection, your wholeness.

TRUTH cannot be bought or sold.




“Namaste Dear ‘Terion’,

Thank you for your beautiful view and understanding that all things are within. I feel who you truly are sir. I know you like humor, so please allow me to indulge in a little below. Please be in the forgiveness and I ask CAEAYARON to send you great love healing. The Great Divine is love (God is love) and love and harmony is a DIVINE higher dimensional state in which we may manifest our beautiful thoughts into great external projections within the magnetic love grids of the universes that lie within our heart of love.

Now, let’s explore your comments scientifically:

You say the Divine is within you. I say, yes the light is within but so is the darkness. Fear and anger can not exist in love. They can therefore not exist within the grids of CAEAYARON, but only within the magnetic grids of Metatron, within which humans reside, as aspects of their DNA within. Metatron was created to test all thoughts of the Divine, including to gain a greater understanding of what love is, for how does a fish know it is in water unless it leaves?

You say humans are already perfect: I say all things within are reflected without. I say, since my activation I remember multidimensional being, flying, teleportation, time travel, love and light, perfect health and universal creation. I say our world is not perfect and I say humans are not perfect, for they suffer fear, anger, war, murders, sickness. While the darkness would call these things perfect, I am sure most reading this would like to disagree.

I say that human fear, anger, wars, heaviness, density, linear time, judgements, and selfishness (all of which are energies of contamination and sickness within) are not Omnipotent divinity, or perfect as you state. I am not perfect, as you say I am, for I also have fear and suffer all the restrictions I just mentioned. Anger is not perfect to the light. War is not perfect to the light. Fear is not perfect to the light. Selfishness is not perfect to the light, linear time and density is not perfect to the light either, though the darkness would claim these things to be perfect, and humans to be perfect.

Why? Because neither Metatron nor the dark anger energies desire humans to awaken from their mind control and claim back their greater love and life and freedom. The darkness tries to persuade others they have nothing to do to ascend, as they did in Lemuria when it fell also. Metatron and Jehovah, who is anger energy, desires humans to believe the fear and anger is Divine and perfect within them.

You say we are activated the moment we desire to be. I say many humans desire to be activated in this moment, so why are their lives not perfect, beautiful, harmonious in this moment? Why are they not healing and feeling the great magnetic love energies of CAEAYARON? Why are they not remembering their past lives? Why are they not healing? Why do they still have karma? Why are they not starting to think multidimensionally? Why is their Divine life path not suddenly known to them in this moment? I also ask how you as a non-activated person know this Tirian?

(notice they are spelling my name wrong, apparently I like the name since according to them I’ve been using it for 150000 years — okay back to the story)

I invite you to become activated and then write on this page from a perspective of knowing.

You say we are whole the moment we say we are. I say I desire to be whole right now, and ask the readers of this to say the same. Why am I not whole in this moment dear Tirian? ( — -ooh the name calling again)

If limbs and wings suddenly reappear in this moment for the readers, then I ask them to please write and let me know.

( I would like to point out, wouldn’t it be impossible for them to write with “limbs and wings” someone didn’t get the mothership memo — back to the story)

You say we have nothing to buy, no seminars to attend, no need for a guide. I say that’s your beautiful truth. I choose to buy and spend and attend seminars to listen to The Divine who I wish to guide me.

You say I am just as you are. I say, from the above we are polar opposites, and while you are doing nothing and not learning, I am growing and ascending through being activated and guided by The Divine in seminars and outside, for once activated in a workshop CAEAYARON and our guides of love and light continue to guide us.

You say WAKE UP. I say thank you I am, as are all the activated.

I wish you much love and light dear ‘Tirian’.

Stephen♥ (Much laughter and lightheartedness)

So now I am engaged. Fun! You see I live in a very rural area, not only am I always craving great conversation, but free entertainment DOESN’T get better than this for me!

— — — — so I said — — — —

How would you recognize light without the dark? If ALL is GOD …ever eternal ever present and ALL THINGS exist in and of GOD/LOVE/FORCE WHATEVER Name each KNOWS IT as…then how can ANY CONTRAST be in any way not supposed to BE …it is ALL of GOD. Correct? Divine, Perfect and Eternal.

It is OUR EGO Minds that have given labels and emotional responses to polarity .. positive, negative, good, bad, Mind made human constructs, human ideas. On the quantum level what IS it ALL? vastness and energy/force/essence/GOD… I understand the human way of needing stories, myths, labels, organization .. a path, or what have you.

My knowing and experiences don’t resonate with the over complication of what simply to me just IS. .THE LIGHT judges not. Fear is a human ego monkey mind is reaction/function ..LIGHT doesn’t say this is good this is bad…

Light, particle or wave, a creation of the ONE that IS was and WILL BE.

When people learn to trust that ALL IS Source

ALL IS. So if as you say fear and anger are energies, who then created them? You are posing that they are separate from creation. I believe we are all on the same page in that there is nothing at the bottom of the rabbit hole but Source. You ask:

Why are the humans not having perfect ascended lives? Because there is ALWAYS someone telling them they cannot unless they do this or that.

THEY ARE CONDITIONED TO BE GOVERNED , LED LIKE SHEEP, and conditioned to feel inadequte their perspective has been trained to view life as something to ascend or overcome. When you put your focus on the the space between all contrasts.


You can go down and ponder the space, at the quantum level or go big and ponder the immensity of the endless space. You will find the same quiet , peace ,endless life/god/power/absolute/whatever you call what IS…

You are not whole because you believe yourself not to be…you declare it in YOUR WORDS, you own it and create it as yours. Like I said everyone has freedom to construct labels, contrasts, to play any part of any role that they want. It IS their movie to experience. I’m just saying that it can BE much simpler. It can BE as difficult or as simple as they desire IT or BELIEVE it to BE.

Once again ALL labels and Ideas created from the human mind for a human mind.

I am free to strip it away and just BE in and of the ALL .

Enjoy the seminars and activation parties and follow YOUR way and I’ll enjoy my experience of Source and follow the WAY.

We ALL end at destination GOD SOURCE.

With ALL the LOVE to and from ALL have a great time.

Yes much laughter . Enjoy your journey. See you when you get here.

As you can see I thought our discourse would end there. With a differing of view and shaking of heads. But not yet.

His turn again:

Greetings once again my old friend. You have beautifully echoed the argument of darkness and that was old energy, for darkness has now admitted the light path was the only one of life and it has joined the light, or surrendered on more levels than you, at this time understand, for all darkness touched became destroyed.

It was proven beyond all doubt that the same arguments you now state; those also echoed in the Divine courts (which led to the test of dark and light within the grids of Metatron, without love) lead to devolution and destruction.

In Lemuria those same arguments took the people away from the Divine pineal gland activations of CAEAYARON once again and cut Lemurians pineal gland off from their soul codes of life. Did I mention that Thoth has now also surrendered?

That same argument made the beautiful and powerful Lemurians fall and devolve to become human. Once cut off humans can not truly be said to be alive; but as ghosts seeking their life codes back through the Divine Pineal Gland Activations once again. Why do you think we are so restricted and unable to think creation into being? Why do you think we are within the incubator and safety of linear thinking? Why do you think we have amnesia from all the torment and torture of the past? Again you would humans fall to sickness and shadow; that which you call perfect and DIVINE.

You state the human condition with fear, sickness and anger is to be celebrated and worshipped by the angels who you say wash human feet. (Um, no. I never said there should be kissing of feet. I think feet stuff is weird)

Do you not think the light beings weep through empathy for the greatness humans have lost? Do you not think light beings pray humans will choose activation back to life and love once again?

Please open your eyes and look around you my friend. What created fear and anger? The same arguments you have just stated did, and please know they were not yours alone. All brought up in The Divine Courts of a free-will universe must be tested and played out. Fear and anger was an unknown infection; a virus and I will say no more about that at this time. CAEAYARON will say more when the time is right and he registers your comments once again.

The question is no longer the argument, but what we, as infected Divine beings desire; do we desire to heal back to the Divine light and life or do we choose to believe the grey and darkness within the magnetic grids of Metatron are perfect and Divine?

This is your free will choice my friend, for you have the ability to be the greatest hero ever known and to be celebrated in all the universes and times. You only need to be strong enough to see the path of light and love and lead your family to the way of The Divine Pineal Gland Activations. Divine will then bless you more than you can ever imagine at this time. Your life will be rejuvenated, revived and celebrated, as is the case for who are activated (see the testimonials on this page).

This is a life of movement and direction forward and not of chewing over the cud of old energy arguments. One path has a beautiful glorious future. The other has no more energy for we are simply playing out that which has already ended. The love and light has won my friend and whether each human joins the celebration and evolves up greatly or choses the other way is their beautiful free will choice.

Once again I ask CAEAYARON to send you great love and light.


Now someone else joins in to make the dreadful accusations against me, a mere mortal wandering in the vast darkness of my simplistic thinking.

Namaste Dear Old Friend who is calling himself Terion. Once we knew each other in a very beautiful land and I taught you to channel because I was asked by CAEAYARON, who you call KRYON, to gift you his voice. You were beautiful and you sang in the temples beautifully.

I do sing, but I have not ever been male. Back to the story- spoiler alert I took out a continent

I was saddened when you turned so many away from the love and the light with these same arguments that you give now. Millions listened at that time. Many will begin to remember because now CAEAYARON is back and is connecting people back into their Sacred Light Lemurian Codes which you took away from millions and millions while programming the grids not to ever recognize the return of love and light again.

In addition to pain and torture this was against the Divine Plan and it was an abuse of free will as no one had true free will again after everything fell. Now the ones who are activated are exploring the true love flows from Divine and are beginning to explore free will as their thoughts become higher and they can understand the ‘game’ that you played so well, better.

They are awakening to it, and are remembering. I forgive you dear one, once a very good friend of mine. I know one day, you too will see and will remember what love in the higher dimensions is. I send you the violet flame from my heart to yours, to help you remember the love you had once.

May you help your many followers to come and celebrate CAEAYARON, or as you call him, KRYON, though that was never his name. One day you will remember who I am as Laeayarasea (Rising Sun Consciousness).

I send you much love from my Lemurian Sacred Loving Heart, filled with the Sacred Violet Flame, to your Lemurian Sacred Heart, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel ❤ ❤ Light Grid Programmer, Divine Love Element of CAEAYARON who is the DIVINE ALIGNER, MAGNETIC MASTER OF FLOWS, FORCES & ALIGNMENT, DIVINE BALANCER & DIVINE JUDGE. You may also know CAEAYARON as KRYON.

WOW. Back to me? I am lost for banter or discussion at this point.

What does one say when they get told of their horrific crimes against millions, against God, against the Fandom that is immersed in all of this? Will I risk spacecraft landing in my front lawn if I take the witty high route? Will men in black be ever present in the corner of my eye guarding the Agenda? I think this why I have never fit with any group based on a set of beliefs. Hiding my villanious ways. If I joined such a group I may run them off the cliff again! Or was it fire? Or my singing?

All organized beliefs, religions, social systems of any kind or design to me, all have an inherent hilarious fantastical helping of bullshit. I am impressed. This group has doubled down. I may be conversing with the Pope of Light Workers.

So I said:

Wow folks! If you are in fact folks at all. I come in peace. Am I having a social media ET experience? I wasn’t prepared, being just so human, so not activated as I. I must say, it sounds like a movie or fantasy fiction trilogies, possibly even a good ones. Creative people are the DIVINE. You of course, I imagine knew that.

Enjoy your story. I did. You don’t know who I AM but I appreciate including me by attempting to write me into the show, saga, script? And with such a lead role! Thank you but I’m going to pass.



PS. COURTS AND BATTLES AND STRIFE AND GRIDS. Summer blockbuster perhaps, but

geez Higher Beings you would think could sort that out before recruiting Earthlings to lead. Just saying.




the End

And that is the tale of when I destroyed the mythical land of Atlantis, or was it Lemuria? It’s hard to remember things. Ancient soul brain. Argh.